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Stargate unofficial has provided user information since 1997. That means we have been on-line for over eleven years. It all started with a simple Microsoft FrontPage web site, transitioned to a frame site (remember frames?), then back to a non-frames format and finally to the ASP pages you see today. These are Classic ASP, never made the change to .net infrastructure. So change is in the wind.

Due to lack of intrest in the stargate product this website will be removing all stargate related content by the end of this year.

The content of the website will focuses around my Home Theater build. It has been fun....

What is StargateUnofficial ?

Stargate Unofficial is a website for sharing information between JDS Technologies Stargate owners. All the home automation system samples and information is supplied by owners of Stargate home automation controllers. 

This site is always expanding, but can only expand if Stargate owners are willing to share information. So if you have any great ideas or sample of how you install your home automation system send them to us. The most popular contributions are photos of the actual hardware install and Stargate schedules

Take the home automation quiz. Check you knowledge of home automation systems. See how you stack up against other  home owners using home automation controllers. Goto StarQuiz
Check out all the features that the JDS StarGate has. Like the LCD control pads (LCD69 - M). A Control network  that use RS485 to connect the LCD control pads and programmable  thermostat to the Stargate home controller. And many more. Goto Features
See how others right and create their schedules. Get Ideals on how to program events to do the things you want automate.  Discover Tip and Tricks on how to program JDS's WinEvent Manger.  Goto Schedule Archive
Get the newest version of  JDS Technologies software for  the JDS Stargate. We also have the only archive of  previous version of  both the WinEvent Manager software and System firmware software, all the way back to 1997. Goto Downloads
JDS Stargate owners share how they installed there systems. There are lots of pictures showing complete system installations with all the extras, including JDS IRX-2 Infrared expander, distributed wiring systems, Infrared System, Video distribution systems, Phone systems and Alarms systems. Goto Sample Installations
Several project are described with sample installation pictures, WinEvent Manger source code, and material list. Material list include X10 devices, wiring blocks, video components and what ever else is need for the project.  All the information you need to get things started. Once you break ground and get started with these projects you will be automation your entire house. Project have been broken in to Mini-projects and Real Projects.
The JDS Stargate is a home automation controller, a special type purpose computer,  that is used to make life around the house easer. Stargate is able to automate repetitive tasks. You can also use your cell phone to check on the stats of you house. 
Goto Stargate Defined
This is the unofficial web page of StarGate Home Automation controller and is NOT affiliated with JDS Technologies. This is a user supported website. The mission of this web site is to share StarGate information. StarGate is a product of JDS Technologies 12200 Thatcher Court, Poway, CA 92064-6876Phone: (619) 486-8787 FAX: (619) 486-8789. Now that we have that out of the way.......