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Joe DeJesus - Description   

Joe DeJesus - Description
Date: 03/23/99

My name is Joe DeJesus, The main hardware consist of a JDS Stargate with a Infrared Expander.

First things First (error prevention):

I installed a WHOLE HOUSE BLOCKING COUPLER in my main braker panel. I contribute this to my ERROR FREE X-10 operation. In the future I will be installing a WHOLE HOUSE SURGE SUPPRESSOR to protect all my X-10 items. To limit noise on certain Items (Metal Halite and VHO fluorescent lighting used on my marine aquarium) & (Other room fluorescent light fixtures), I added IN-LINE Noise Reducers and HID & Low voltage lighting Noise Block.


I have PCS smart true rocker dimmer switches for the Dining Room light, Living room light, Kitchen light, Master Bathroom Light, Second Bathroom Light, Both Children rooms also have these switches. I needed a dimmer that resembled a "real" type of dimmer that was currently installed and operational at the house. Most regular X-10 switches felt wrong. I just felt I could splurge a little and get better switches. I also have 3 Wall mounted X10 controllers with LEDS. (2 switches are DUAL and 1 is a quad switch)

Appliance Modules:

I use a combination of items to get the job done. In some areas I needed to use HOME PRO IN-LINE modules. Other areas, Regular Wall receptacles were sufficient. And finally I used 2-way appliance modules where I needed status feedback capabilities.


My FBI alarm panel model has a digital output that states whether the system is armed or disarmed. It also has a digital output that states where the alarm is set off (Sounding) Or NOT set off (Quiet). I also tied the alarm garage house entrance door sensor to STARGATE. (The door that leads into house from the garage) I have also added a PIR sensor inside the garage since I have an alarm keypad next to the inside door. Alarm delay will be triggered by either walking into garage area, or opening the front house main door or garage house entrance door.

House Intercom:

I have a NUTONE house intercom/radio system. I added Stargate output to the intercom for all announcements.


I have all inside phones connected to Stargate PHONE. And Outside CO. line connected to Strargates CO. Stargate DEFAULTS to ICM (Intercom), so without the aid of some events to manage lines, The phones would never ring inside, because phones are connected to Intercom by default. This solves two of my problems. First- I hated that the phone rang once, on the second ring it would then announce the caller. Second- Since I have an event that blows off anonymous callers, The phones would still ring ONCE and stop ringing because Caller ID sends Info on second ring.


I needed to add dependability and a way to verify the actual status of device. I added 4 probes to my IRX2. (2) TV RF probes, (1) Current Sensor, (1) Video sensor. They work great, I also added a current sensor to the SPA power cable. Since my IRX2 accommodates 4 probes I connected the fifth SPA current sensor as a Stargate Digital input.

 Answering System:

I have setup and been using Stargate built in answering machine support, and it works great! The only thing I am upset about are two things: #1: Deluxe Caller ID, When Iím on the phone, Stargate is blind to incoming calls! #2: When Stargate does its answering machine thing, and the caller HANGS UP! Have Stargate DETECT this and don't record 3 minutes of noise! $15 Dollar answering machines have this feature, Why cant Stargate!!!!

Answering System\REMOTE CONTROL:

I use remote control events to turn on/off devices and have Stargate with its sensors/probes make sure tasks are carried out correctly. Since I am calling remotely, I have Stargate alpha page me with urgent status of device by looking at the sensors and/or probes.

Property monitoring:

I have X-10 FloodLights on all Four Corners of my house to detect intruders. I also have 3 cameras installed in strategic/hidden areas of the house. (1) Camera is to monitor children playing in the back yard. (1) Is to monitor driveway and vehicles. (1) Is to monitor main door entrance. All cameras are connected to a TriplePlay 3 channel video modulator. Which the adds these to channels 25,26,27 on all TVs connected to Roof antenna (DSS is primary viewing source). All items are capable of being recorded onto a VCR since the VCR is already IR controlled by the IRX2. I would need to add a sensor probe to make sure device is ON. What has stopped this auto-detect and record feature is dependable detection of a real intruder. PIRs act weird when you have different weather conditions and moving palm trees or tree branches moving back and forth.

"SATCOM IV Digital 4 camera monitoring system" seems like a perfect solution! I CAN'T GET WIFE TO APPROVE SPENDING $900.00 BUCKS ON ANOTHER TOY!

Any questions or suggestions feel free to Email me: JOE_DEJESUS@ABIG.COM

 Thanks for Reading this:

Joe DeJesus