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John Hearty - Description   

System description
Stargate only, no IR or I/O expanders(yet).  Interfaced with the unit are:
  Digital inputs: several PIR motion detectors, 4 alarm zones, alarm
                  status, light sensor circuit, and doorbell.
  Relay output: Garage door opener, alarm enable, audio signals.
  Analog inputs: Motion detectors and magnetic door switches (5V sent
                 through dry contacts and monitored at analog input,
                 used due to all digital inputs in use).
  Audio connections: Line out to 2nd floor stereo system, speaker out
                     to first floor PA speaker, line in from PC sound
                     card output.
  Phone connections: CO line with CID to CO input (via cat 5 cable),
                     line 1 of 2 line phones and single line phones to
                     phone input, line 2 of 2 line phones to ICM input.
  Comm ports: Comm 1 connected to PC via cat 5 cable with megacontroller
              running full time.
General feature list
Phone to X10 mapping - dial 1 + 2 digit unit code for 1st floor, dial
                       2 + 2 digit unit code for 2nd floor.
X10 sequence mapping - allows one palm pad to address 2 house codes.
Motion activated lighting - PIRs turn on lights, timers turn them off,
                            warnings annuciated when motion trips while
                            alarm is active during day.
Doorbell audio - Came in handy for my lower floor which did not have
                 a doorbell ringer (only 2nd floor had one).  Plays
                 doorbell and dog barking normally, ghost sounds during
                 halloween, christmas WAV files from PC during xmas.
Local call return - last CID is saved and redialed when *69 used on ICM.
CID announce - Names of recognized callers, number of unrecognized,
               "unknown number" for unavailable numbers, "private number"
               for annonymous calls.
Phone PA paging - ICM line offhook automatically activates PA for 5 secs.
Announymous call reject - Plays announcement to private numbers like
                          the phone company but for free.
Phone bill tracking - Monitors call costs.  Recognizes different rate
                      times.  Announces running cost of call over PA
                      during call each time call adds another dollar
                      to bill.  Announces monthly total at call end.
                      Keeps track of minutes that don't add up to even
                      dollars, adding them at end of subsequent calls.
                      Figures are not perfect due to math limitations
                      in Stargate, but close each month, less taxes.
Annunciated reminders - Holidays (including floating dates like Easter,
                        Memorial day etc), birthdays, first day of
                        spring, summer, fall, winter, daylight savings
                        forward and backward, weekly garbage, monthly
                        AC filters, alarm activated, deactivated, delay
                        zone tripped.  Played when alarm reset, during
                        goodmorning routine, and at preset times.
Goodnight routine - Presets bedroom lights etc to nightlight dim levels,
                    sets alarm, shuts off all lights.
Goodmorning routine - Resets lights to 100% brightness, disables alarm,
                      plays reminders, plays daily weather report recorded
                      from weatherphone in early morning.  Initiated with
                      X10 on housecode which does not have wireless
                      tranceiver, signal blockers on breaker panel and
                      outside outlet breaker prevent alarm disable from
                      outside the house.
Thermostat setback - At preset times, when alarm active and goodnight
                     is not set, or when windows opened.
Doorbell access code - Allows keyless entry to house.  Correct code
                       opens garage door.