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Home Theater Equipment List (05/04/2010)

bullet      Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screen wall Ultramate 150 110" 16 x 9

bullet      Panasonic PT-AE4000 LCD 1080p projector

bullet      Sony DA777ES 5.1 Sound processor

bullet      Polk Speakers LSi9 front, LSiC center, LSiFX surround

bullet      Two Polk Audio PSW505 Sub-woofers

bullet      Sony BDP-S560 Blu-Ray player

bullet      Sony SVR 2000 Personal digital recorder (TIVO)

bullet      Sony DVP-NS975V DVD Player

bullet      Samsung DTBH260F HDTV Terrestrial Receiver

bullet      MonoPrice 8 in X 1 out HDMI autoscan Switcher

bullet      Chatsworth 19" rack

bullet      Power Control Systems 4 channel ambient  lighting control

bullet      Animated Systems light show lighting control*

bullet      Nirvis Slinke 3.0 IR control and distribution

bullet      BerkLine 088 leather theater loungers (two rows of 4)

bullet      HP Pavillion Desktop Remote control software

bullet      Apple iTough remote

bullet      Cinemar Main Lobby remote control software

bullet      Sony SAT HD100 satellite and terrestrial high definition receiver

bullet      NEC 9PG Plus CRT video projector (Retired)

bullet      NEC ISS 6010 RGB video switcher W/Moone HDMI two units (Retired)

bullet      NeoThings Avalon 2-6 Component Matrix switch (Retired)

bullet      LG BH-100 Super Blue DVD player, Combo Blu-Ray and HD DVD (Retired)

bullet      Sony SLV 798HF video tape recorder/player (Retired)

bullet      TAW Rock+ video processor/scaler (Retired)

bullet      Sony DVP S500D up-converting DVD player (Retired)

bullet      ViewSonic airpanel remote control with docking station (Retired)

bullet      Dell Dimension terabyte of disk, HDTV, ATV & Win VISTA Media Center (Retired)

* in process of purchasing and installing