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Frequently asked Questions about Fabric Frames.

     What size is the theater ?

            The Home Theater is twenty feet long, fifteen feet wide and a
            ceiling height of nine feet.

     What does GOM stand for?

            Guilford of Maine the company that makes the fabric. It a commercial
            grade fabric that has an approved fire rating for wall surfaces

     What GOM fabrics did you use?

  Gray on the soffit and columns: Spinel 3582 color 021 Obsidian
  Black on the screen wall: Sensa 9218 color 718 Black
  Wall frames: Spinel 3582 color 022 Garnet

      Are the walls acoustically treated ?

             The walls are finished with Guilford of Maine fabric. The fabric is
             acoustically transparent. The bottom half of the wall is treated with
             one inch linacoustic from John Manville Insulation. The top half is
             backed with poly batten. The material are one inch thick.

      How is the fabric attached to the walls.

             The GOM fabric is stretched around a one inch wooden frame and
              attached to the wall with liquid nails. Two inch brads were shot into
              each corner with a nail gun to hold the frame in place until the
              liquid nails dries.

     What is the material you used inside the panel?

linacoustic below ear level and poly batting above.

      How did you join the corners, did you use a biscuits?

Lap joints were used because of the different plywood and MDF layers

      How did you achieve the indentation look around the frames ?

              The outside of the wooden frames were routered with a 45 degree
              chamfer bit.

      Why not use Fabric-Loc system or some commercial product
             instead of the wood frames?

             For me is was a cost issue, Liquid Nail and brads were cheap. I think
             the plywood was 7/16" at $21 per sheet. I also found some hardwood
             veneer plywood that was listed as 1/2" at $25 a sheet.

      How did you place the electrical outlet in the middle of the frame ?

The part of the frame where the outlet is located is solid.

      What product did you use for the wall washing lights?

             They are low voltage recessed lights that were a special order at Lowes.
             Sea Gull Lighting: Black Miniature Recessed Light
             Item #: 9426-12
             Finish: Black

      What about the transformer for the low voltage lights, is it noisy ?

There is a transformer. I did not purchase the high dollar one form
              Seagull, but opted for one that was cheaper from Lowes. Just make
              sure it has the correct wattage to drive all your lights.

              The transformer does have a very low hum. I mounted in the closet
              behind the equipment rack. You can not hear it. The transformer has
              not caused a problem with the video or audio.

      Are you able to dim those low voltage lights?

             The low voltage lights are dimmed using a PCS LM4 control module
              (no longer available).

      What is a LM4 lighting control module?

             PCS LM4 is on the high end of x10 devices. It has four channels to
             control different circuits, a great software program to set it up and
             works well with a PC. I decided to continue to use X10 as I have a
             home automation system based on X10 and the JSD Stargate.

      How did you finish the inside corners?

             I cut a one inch by one inch strip of wood out of a 2 x 4 the runs floor
             to ceiling. Covered it with the same gray GOM that the columns are
             covered with. Then the frames butt up against the 1 x 1 with a non
             beveled edge. It creates a nice corner. The other option was to put
             a column in the corner. But I like the option better, it was cleaner
             and less bulky

      How high is the rear chair riser?

             The rear chair riser is 12" high and runs the full width of the room.

      What size is the average fabric frame ?

              Frames are 21" high, 30" wide and 1" thick. Just right to match the
              width of 65" width of the GOM fabric. You can cover two frames by
              cutting the fabric in half.

      How did you fasten the linacoustic to the Wall

             The linacoustic and batting are just pressed in the frame before it
             is attached to the wall. The fabric is tight enough were is just states
             in place. You might not even need the the batting. The only thing
             holding the linacoustic and batting is the frame and the fabric.

      Were frames use on the bottom of the soffit?

              Frames were not used on the soffit. The fabric on the soffit goes
              from the wall along the bottom of the soffit, up the front and over
              into the light tray. I added one inch strips of 3/4 MDF to create a 1
              inch cavity for linacoustic. Addition blocking, 1 inch thick, was add
              around the seagull lights.

      Can you explain more detail on the attachment of the column
             to the wall?

I used hidden cleats that are just 2 x4's that were cut to the width of the
             columns. I made three cleats for each column. Then the 2 x 4 cleats
             were screwed to the wall, almost at the top of the column, middle
             and almost at the bottom. Then the columns were lifted in to place
             and slipped over the cleats. Screws were then, very carefully as to
             not snag the fabric, used to attach the columns to the hidden cleats.

      How did you handle the area were the wall meets the door frame?

When the door frame was mounted I ordered a extra wide frame
             so I could have it extend 1" past the drywall. So when the fabric frames
             were mounted there were flush with the edge of the door frame. 
             So for now I' am just going to leave it flush. In the future
             I might add some trim.