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Digital Inputs - Sixteen digital inputs accommodate motion detectors, security sensors, thermostats, assertive switching devices and other hardwired devices. Monitor or check when entry doors are opened and closed. Connect "in series" with security zones for interfacing automation with security functions. Motion sensors can be used to automate lighting by turning lights on when motion is detected, then off after 10 minutes if no motion is detected. Digital inputs are rated 4-24VAC/DC.

Analog Inputs - Eight analog inputs accommodate temperature and humidity sensors or any device with variable output from 0-5VDC. Built-in calibration software provides gain and offset adjustment.

Relay Outputs - Eight single-pole-double-throw relays allow connection to security systems, HVAC, speakers, sprinklers, low-voltage lighting, garage door buttons etc. Relay outputs are rated 1A @ 28VAC/DC.

ASCII I/O - StarGate can be programmed to respond to ASCII text data, up to 32 characters in length, to trigger any event in the schedule. It can also send ASCII text data to trigger other computer programs or control an external modem or other peripherals

Serial Ports - Four serial ports (3-RS232, 1-RS485) support simultaneous connection to a PC, modem and other peripherals. Two of the RS 232 ports are baud rate adjustable

Analog, Digital and Relay values can be logged to a file, printer, monitored, reviewed locally or remotely via a modem.