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Veo Observer

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9/2002 Network-ready, just connect the camera to any 100/10 hub/switch/router and your ready to go. You can mount the Observer anywhere in the house, it does not need a PC to function. The camera has a built in web server and functions on its own. There is even an LED that tells you the last three digits of the IP address it selected fron your DHCP server.

The camera uses CCD image sensor and fixed-focus glass lens to capture clear video and digital still images up to 640 x 480 resolution. There is an on-board built-in omni-directional microphone, with jack for optional external microphone. (Works good on the local connection, but has marginal not so good sound over the net.)

The head of the Observer will do a 120 pan and 60 tilt, controlled via a web page. The unit also has auto exposure, white balance and color control for worry-free images; 24-bit color. All for under $200.00.

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