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Stargate Intresting Phones Uniden Cell link
11/05/2005 The Uniden ELBT595 phone system will link to your Bluetooth capable cell phone. This allows you to place outbound calls and receive inbound calls through your home phones and route them through your cell phone. The Uniden ELBT595 can link to two cell phones, but can only route to one cell phone at a time.

You can add up to 9 additional wireless handset of the 5.8 Ghz. type. They can be the handy flip phone with the color screen or the traditional stick phones.

The other neat thing is you can program the phone from your PC. So now you can really have one central place to keep all your phone numbers.

The small flip phone also has Bluetooth so you can use a Bluetooth headset. There are lot more feature so click on the link below.

UniDen website