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Rear of Rack version 2

Home Theater Equipment Rear of Rack version 2
Desc: The rack has changed a lot over the last two years. I have upgraded to High Definition video with the LG BH100 that plays HD-DVD and Blu-ray. It will also upscale standard DVD to 1080i over the HDMI cable. So now the Rock gets use a lot less

That is the other big upgrade. I have added one of Moome’s HDMI cards to the NEC switcher. I also added was a Neothings component switch and a second Sony DVD player.

To move things on-line the 10 meg Charter internet connection was extended to the theater from the house. Between the house and the theater the Ethernet connection is 1gig. The gig connection works great for streaming video, TV and music between the media center PC, in the theater and the TVs in the house.

Along with the Ethernet extension I also ran an RG6 quad cable to get the cable TV service out to the theater. You can see two of these cables between the speaker and Ethernet connection on the patch panel. The second RJ6 cable is for an over-the-air yagi antenna. The antenna is over 10 feet long and is for UHF pick only. It does not have any VHF elements. Besides who needs them UHF will be going off air Feb 2009.