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North Wall

Home Theater Room completed North Wall
  Room completed
Desc: The walls of the home theater are all acoustically treated. Each frame above ear level is backed with a one inch poly batten and the frames below ear level are backed with one inch compressed fiberglass.

The frames are all covered with Guilford of Maine fabric that is acoustically transparent. This fabric allows the backing to do its job, but still looks good and gives the room a finished appearance.

The home theater has a ceiling height of nine feet. This allows the theater loungers to be placed a stadium seating configuration, where the back row is 12 inches higher then the front. The nine foot ceiling also gives the home theater a much larger feeling.

The home theater screen is eight feet wide and four feet high. This gives the screen a widescreen aspect ratio. The screen has a special coating that enhances the CRT image, making it appear brighter and more move theater like.

All the speakers are concealed through the home theater. All the front speakers are placed behind a false wall. The surround sound speakers are hidden in two columns on either side of the room. This gives the theater a clean uncluttered appearance.