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Retired equpment

Home Theater Equipment Retired equpment
Desc: 10/2008 Here is a photo of all the A/V gear that I removed from the rack. I waited a long time, over a year to do this. But when you have not used something in over a year it is time for it to go. That is the case with the Rock plus video processor and the HDTV box.

Once I started using the Blue-ray/HD-DVD player The Rock did not get used. And the HDTV box was a generation one receiver and had a tough time pulling in digital signals from LA, only 30 miles to the west.

All the newer devices also only send the fully upscaled video single over HDMI so the component video path for the older video players is obsolete.

I had a hard time pulling out these device as there has been a lot of money spent on some of these boxes. Not only on the boxes but also on the set up, configuration and calibration