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1998 Will Stargate have native code to support Answering Machine functions ??? Have they solved the Stargate remote access problem. Will it support more then one voice mail box. What function will be built in. Watch the release updates the first quarter of 1998...........

If or when JDS Technologies turns on the RS485 port what will it support ? Will there be new products that this RS485 port support ? Could their be Stargate Keypads in our future that connect to this port. Will the Stargate keypads support a display, buttons, sound and mic functionally like PHAST does. RS485 industry standards defines support for up to 32 devices on a single port. What will Stargate user do with all those devices. One thing that comes to mind is thermostats, as in more then one. RS485 is a better way to communicate with a thermostat and dose not tie up X10 house and unit codes..

I think 1998 is going to bring all kinds of new things to the Stargate. Jeff is going to keep us all very busy, spending our money and expanding our Stargate.