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1999 Well last year we saw the Answering Machine come to life as rumored. We also saw the Voice menus  that was kind of a surprise. The  RS485 port activated for thermostat control. We did not see the long awaited control panels.

So will the control panels be released this year ?? Word is that JDS will be releasing 2 keypads around May or June of this year. An LCD Keypad which supports up to 96 menus and a LED keypad with 7 programmable buttons & leds. The LCD Keypad has a vertical LCD display with 8 dual position soft switches to the side. Click for picture. The switches can perform many functions depending on the menu and programming. The software will be included in future versions of WinEVM and allows the user to create a variety of menu choices with text and graphics. Both keypads connect to Stargate's RS-485 port with support for up to 16 of each type. Details will be posted on the JDS website in a few weeks. I have my credit card ready!!