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2006 This year it looks like StarGate is going through some mutation. With several new technologies on the market, Insteon, UPB (Universal Power Bus) and others, JDS is making changes. 

The first big change is dropping the phone/voice board in favor of supporting IP and UPB. One school of though is most user would rather use the inter net to control there home and not the phone. Also with the move toward voice over IP for home users the telephone world is changing.  

With all that said, Stargate will most likely move in several directions. One product will be the Stargate-IP version and the second will be the Stargate with the telephone/IVR capabilities.

We are already seeing new software versions that are specific to the IP hartdware version. With talk about different software coming out for the telephone/IVR version.  

One nice thing is well will eventual have several option that are better, faster, and more reliable  then x10.