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Well in 1999 the long awaited Keypad s finally shipped. With the Keypads we also had some real use of theRS-485 port. Some people like the implementation some don't. I would like to see a more open, published keypad protocol.   

This year the hot topic is the ageing WinEvn program. WinEvn is a Windows 3.0 vintage program and has not been updated to take advantage of Windows98. Along with the aging WinEvn is the programming language use to create the "Schedule". Some times it gets mighty tough to get the schedule to do what you want it to. So the big question is when will the WinEvn environment change.

Enter, Premises Systems and JDS Tech have announce strategic partnership to deploying Self-Adaptive Automation Technology. What I hope this means it that we will have an environment that takes advantage of advance features like ActiveX controls,  Com+, and TCP/IP access. There is also a JDSUser list effort to create a WinEvn alternative. 

May 2000 - Networld+Interop 
While walking the floor at Interop 2000 this silver box caught my eye. There is was a StarGate on display at a network convention ??? The company displaying StarGate was ZiLOG an embedded  chip design/manufacture (   The new product is part of ZiLOGs Extreme Connectivity solutions. Click here for more info and pictures.