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2001   Software is the big topic this year. JDS Technologies deal with Premises Systems seems to have fizzled. While HomeSeer software products are coming on strong.  Some time in May 2001 Homeseer introduced a plug-in for the JDS Technologies Stargate Home Automation controller. Homeseer has recently released a more comprehensive version of the plug-in. The new version includes  an installer and additional online help files. Because of the web interface and ease of use the product is building a strong following. This is an end used product, very easy to setup and use.

StarCOM a grassroots effort by Bill McMahon and several members of the JDS-Users list is starting to wrap up beta testing. Sounds like a very promising product. This has been a two year effort. StarCOM will be a great tool for the anyone with programming knowledge. You get all the  programming tools you need from StarCOM, to build your user interface the way you want it. StarCOM will probably be one of the biggest improvement for Stargate. This will be the software that allows the nuts and bolts Stargate owner to bring it all together to create a comprehensive Home Automation system. 

There has not been much of a change on the JDS Technologies hardware front. We got two software releases in 2001 Mostly bug correction. JDS Technologies did start offering classes for the Stargate Home Automation controller at there San Diego offices.