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2002   JDS is in the process of developing an ethernet adaptor with an embedded browser for monitoring & controlling Stargate over the internet and/or home network. This will most likely connect through the serial RS232 port. 

JDS has also established an alliance with Toshiba who has incorporated Stargate compatibility into their SG-20 network appliance server.  The Toshiba SG-20 offers wired and wireless (802.11b) access from any networked pc, pocket pc, etc. and via the internet with a platform for controlling Stargate as well as MP3s, cameras, and other shared data functions.

On a non JDS note the long awaited user developed and supported StarCOM has been released. This brings the Stargate up to a new level of flexibility and usability. Their is a web site where you can download a trial copy of the StarCOM interface program. Also available on the site are several sample client modules and ASP example that can also be downloaded