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JDS is in the process of adding UPB support to Stargate.  The first release will utilize Stargate's com port #3 connected to a Serial-to-UPB powerline interface module (PIM), to provide two-way UPB control.  However, due to the additional memory requirements, the UPB firmware version will only function with Stargate-Lite (Stargates without the telephony board).  Ultimately JDS is hoping to develop an RS485 interface to handle the UPB traffic and leave com port 3 available for other purposes.  But until another solution is developed, this will at least accommodate Stargate-Lite owners.  
For owners with Stargates who don't want to sacrifice the telephony functions, a different (though less elegant) approach for UPB is still possible for controlling a moderate number of UPB devices.  This entails adding ASCII events for each UPB device (following the UPB protocol) for on, off and dim level commands, also requiring a Serial-to-UPB PIM connected to Stargate's com 3. 
Over the past two years, with the growing popularity of more affordable and flexible telephone services such as cellular and VoIP, JDS have seen a noticeable decrease in the demand for land line telephony functions.  The industry has also seen a tremendous increased in demand for web/network-enabled control and touchscreen interfaces.  Consequently, JDS will be discontinuing the telephony board on future Stargates and replacing it with the Web Xpander (network interface) and several user interface software options, including Pocket WebX and the soon to be released HomeRunner (date to be announced).  Details will soon be posted on our website.