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  Wish List
Wish List Wishes Granted Wishes Never
  1. Television connection with IR-XP2 control.
  2. 19" Rack mount enclosure.
  3. Voice recognition /Voice Commands
  4. Intercom Stations with buttons for X10 or dry contacts.
  5. TouchScreen with graphics display like products from Crestron & AMX Corp.
  6. Telnet connection to Stargate would be nice.
  7. Graphic floor plan interface for PC in addition to WINEVM.
  8. More then IF/Then logic, Example: Case Structure.
  9. Audio switching controlled from schedule
  10. Program improvements: Functions, Data statements, string functions, FWIW, BASIC, organizer-style schedule
  11. Interactive, real time debugging
  12. Calling Party Control link detection to stop voicemail from recording.
  13. Detect distinctive ring patterns.
  14. More pre-defined words in the Stargate vocabulary