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Sonny Buvens:

I have had my Stargate for over a year and am really happy with it. It has been easy to integrate with the RCS thermostats, the IR xpander works great and it is easy to make simple sensors tell temperature etc. The only times it has hiccupped, the support from JDS was great.

I am very happy with my Stargate and have a lot of fun with it (and when I get a free weekend I know I'm going to have even more fun with my new LCD keypad)....I'm continually amazed with all the new things everyone keeps coming up with....I know what it takes to create and maintain a product like this, and I think JDS has done an outstanding job. (11/2/2000)

A. Ron Carmichael:
Don't let our grousing obscure the fact that Stargate is VERY powerful, can do a lot more than most people EVER get close to asking of it, and remember that the important thing is that JDS continues to support it well. I think it is a tribute to the product that people may indeed gripe, but they still stay with it because it is indeed so good. :) (11/2/2000)

Marc Parker (number 2):
So after all that, my answer as a Stargate user for two years is this, I love it, I like to play with it (:-)) and as your system evolves it is both a great convenience and fun. It is certainly more reliable than most PEOPLE in my life and strikes, what I feel is a reasonable balance between high end (and high maintenance) and user friendly with lots of fun and useful bells and whistles.

Robert, RCI Automation
IMO, the LCD-96M keypad adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to your Stargate home automation system.  The capacity of each keypad is incredible.  You can design up to 96 screens and can define up to 14 user actions per screen.  And each keypad can be unique, allowing you to put the most important functions for that keypad location on the default screen. 

Marc Parker:
I like Stargate. It does what I bought it for and then some......Every time I have called JDS Jeff has bent over backward to solve my problem or answer a "how to" question. I don't get this kind of support from many companies.(9/29/99)

Lionel Martelly:
I have to say that all problems I had turned out to be X-10 or wiring related problems. StarGate is 100% reliable and the programming is very simple and flexible. You will not get better and more complete system for the money. Most other major systems manufacturers make it a must to be compatible with StarGate. Support is great too. I barely use one dozen timers and flags and a handful of variables. (8/4/98)

Mark Himes:
You can add-on a whole lot of I/O too. (a bit pricey for I/O add on, but very extensible). Overall, an extremely powerful system ! I'd do it again too ! (8/4/98)

Bill King:
hmmm. . . I have been very happy with my StarGate. That is not to say that it is perfect <Grin>. HOWEVER, when problems have been noted, a software/firmware update is usually pretty quick to follow from JDS and it is always free. I have had no need to exceed the timers etc offered in the software. I DO have the need for more digital inputs though since my motion and door sensors took up all of them, and I have more that I would like to use.
All in all I would do it again - I highly recommend it. (